Precission 3D


Standard torax CT from a PET.

Medical surgical protocols include the need of access to high precission imaging system such as CT, and latter be able to use this information during the surgical act..

The closest than critical organs such as spine are close to the surgical region, precission medicine becomes a must to have.

One of the major contributions of our group was to provide enhanced methods for 3D information related to medical devices, using positioning of all related tools associated to the patient.

Vertebra lession Video
ISO-Surface image with patients references Video

Why 3D information is important?

The obvious reason is to have a more precisse determination of the risks associated to the patient but there are many others.

Lession segmentation helps to several clinical issues associated to diferent clinical aspects of this kind of analysis.

3    Healthy region

Non patological region of the patientcd.

4    Patological region

ROI with calcification close to the vertbra and spine.

5    Patological region

Another ROI with extra calcifications.

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